DP Trading

DP Trading Enterprises CC is a leading steel manufacturing concern based in the Eastern Cape, specializing in carrier manufacture.  We pride ourselves on being responsive and dedicated to our customer needs, across a broad spectrum of Industrial and Commercial sectors.  

We have established an innovative reputation with our customers by aligning ourselves with tried and trusted affiliates and associates. 

We offer a full turnkey operation “package”, including project management, design & CAD drawings, prototyping and production.  

This “one stop service” that we can offer our customers from initial consultation, designs, prototyping and manufacture, allowing us to tailor cost-effective solutions in the shortest possible time to meet your specific needs.

Custom made packaging ensures the highest level of utilization is achieved in line side feed distribution, warehousing and transport.

We pride ourselves in achieving a high standard of quality workmanship and service in turnkey projects.

Most recently, we designed, prototyped and produced various dunnages for the Press Shop and Line Side Carriers/Trolleys for the FMCSA T6 Pick up project, as well as the #640 Toyota Hilux project. These projects were handled in conjunction with Leading Role players and suppliers to and within the Automotive Industry.  We successfully completed from inception to current production volumes on these various projects, meeting their stringent timing schedules, especially Toyota Japan, where we manufactured 2126 carriers, just over 132 tons of steel in two and a half months, at end of 2015, of these, 1890 were galvanized dunnages.