Most recently, we designed, prototyped and produced various dunnages for the Press Shop and Line Side Carriers/Trolleys for the FMCSA T6 Pick up project, as well as the #640 Toyota Hilux project. These projects were handled in conjunction with Leading Role players and suppliers to and within the Automotive Industry. We successfully completed from inception to current production volumes on these various projects, meeting their stringent timing schedules, especially Toyota Japan, where we manufactured 2126 carriers, just over 132 tons of steel in two and a half months, at end of 2015, of these, 1890 were galvanized dunnages. Other projects that we have successfully completed include:

Standard Fleet Carriers / Faurecia Hot end and Cold end exhaust carriers for VWSA / Shatterpruffe
W203 Daimler Chrysler Dunnages / W204 Daimler Chrysler Dunnages / W205 Daimler Chrysler / Paint jigs and fixtures
Maritime boom connectors and weight plates / Skip bins for FMGC / Salvage bins and drip trays / Trailer manufacture and mods
Armour jointing, jacking bolts and screws, Vodacom substation plates and filters.
Toyota / VWSA
Line side trolleys and carriers
#240 and #250 Polo Project
VWSA New Press Shop Blank Street Pallets
Coal containers for Elitheni
#640 Stillage Project
Various sports equipment and accessories
Feltex / Visteon
RT50 project/ Bakkie dunnages for MA Automotive Corsa line Astra line
RT50 project/ Bakkie dunnages for MA Automotive
Puma and Rocam Engine Carriers
T6 Pick up line side supply

Ocean Dried Products


Chokka and squid packaging racks